The Third Car Podcast with Keith Tanner of Flyin’ Miata

In this episode we converge at the headquarters of the Flyin’ Miata in Grand Junction Colorado and talk with the remarkable Keith Tanner.  The way this guy can fly around the track would make you believe he has a big “S” on his chest and cape under his shirt.  You need to listen to what this guy has to say as he really knows what he is talking about.  If you want to know how to go fast Flyin’ Miata and Keith Tanner can tell you how to do it and in style and comfort.

We would like to thank Bill and Teri Cardell, Keith Tanner, Stuart and everyone at the Flyin’ Miata for their generous hospitality, kindness and patience.  Thanks to Zander too. (Even thought he was not an employee of Flyin’ Miata he is part of what makes this feel like a family.)  I can’t think of a better group of people to associate with.

Music courtesy of Lucky Monkey

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